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Travel English: Asking for directions: Going somewhere and don’t know the way? Listen to this lesson and learn how to ask for directions when you want to find out the way. Practice these phrases and sentences, and listen carefully to the conversation.



Museum : A museum is a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.

Expressway : An expressway is a highway designed for fast traffic, with controlled entrance and exit, having a divided strip between the traffic in opposite directions.

Post Office : A post office is the public department or corporation responsible for postal services.

Landmark : An object or feature of a landscape ( scenery) or town that enables someone to establish their location.

Elevator : A compartment or platform housed for a shaft for raising or lowering people or things to different floors or levels.

Cashier : Cashier is a person handling payments and receipts in a store, bank or other business.

Parking Lot : Parking lot is an area where cars or other vehicles may be left temporarily.

Aisle : Aisle is a passage between rows of seats in a building such as a church or theatre, an airplane or a train.

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