Dec 172013

Travel English: Catching a Bus 2: So you are going abroad and will be taking a bus to travel in the city. Are you worried about how you will communicate? In this lesson we will learn the phrases and words that will tell us how we can talk to people about traveling in a bus.



Catching : Catching means to capture or to seize.

Interview : An interview is a meeting of people face to face, especially for consultation.

Information : To have an information means facts provided or learned about someone or something.

Hurry : Hurry means to move or act in haste (rush).

Stop : Stop is used for something that comes to an end, such as an event, action or process.

Buck : You can use the term a buck, when you want to pay a dollar.

Bus Driver : Bus Driver is a person who drives the bus.

Co-passenger : Co-passenger is a person who is travelling along with you, mostly on the same route, such as passengers in a bus, train, etc.

Dream Company : The term dream company is used for a company where you strongly wish to work.

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