Feb 252013

2min English Making an Appointment: If you are working you may often need to meet people to discuss professional business. When you do that you need to make sure that they are available at the time you want to meet them. This is called making an appointment. In this lesson we will learn the words and the phrases that we can use when we make an appointment with someone.

2min English Making Excuses: So you’ve been asked to do a favor that you can’t do? It’s time to make an excuse and get out of the spot. In this lesson you’ll learn how to make an excuse and say you can’t do something for someone.

2min English Hunting for a job: So you’re looking for a job? Do you know what to say to recruiters and interviewers? In this lesson master the words and phrases required to assist you in your job search. Do subscribe to our channel for more English learning lessons.

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