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Travel English: Talking About Your Car Problems: You bought a new car and it started giving you trouble from the start? Or your car broke down in the middle of your way to journey. In this lesson, we will learn phrases you may use to talk about your car and related problems.



Broke Down : Something that broke down means something that is not in working order.
Meeting : An assembly of people for discussion or entertainment.
Mechanic : Mechanic is a person who repairs and maintains machinery.
Radiator : Radiator is a thing that radiates or emits, heat or sound.
Repaired : Fix or mend a thing suffering from damage or a fault.
Commute : To commute means to travel some distance between one’s home and place of work on a regular basis.
Taxi : A means of transportation used to convey passengers in return for payment of a fare.
Battery : A battery is a container consisting of one or more cells carrying an electric charge and used as a source of power.
Dealer : A dealer is a person or business that buys or sells goods.
Warranty Card : A warranty card is a type of guarantee that a manufacturer or similar party makes regarding the condition of its product.
Claim : To claim means to state or assert that something is the case, typically without providing evidence or proof.
Replace : To replace means to provide or find a substitute for something that is broken or old.
Piece of Junk : The phrase piece of junk means an amount or portion forming a separate mass or structure.
Top Model : Something that is of the highest quality.
Test Drive : It is the act of driving a motor vehicle that one is considering buying in order to determine its quality.
Headache : Headache means a continuous pain in the head.
Defective : Defective is used for something that is imperfect or faulty.
Showroom : It is a room used to display goods for sale, such as appliances, cars or furniture.
Inconvenience : Inconvenience means to cause trouble or difficulty to one’s personal requirements or comforts.
Eligible : To be eligible means having the right to do or obtain something.

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