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Travel English: Talking About your vacation: We all love holidays and we love to talk about them. Wouldn’t it be exciting if you could tell your friends all about your vacation the next time in English? In this lesson you can learn to do just that. Listen to the phrases and practice the sentences to improve your English fluency and vocabulary.



Vacation : It is an extended period of recreation, especially one that is spend away from home or in travelling.

Trip : A journey or excursion done, especially for pleasure.

Trek : A long arduous ( difficult and tiring) journey, especially one made on foot.

Folk : Folk is a term used for people in general.

Holiday : It is a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.

Economical Package : It is a package that is affordable for all, something that saves money.

Airfare : It is the price of a passenger ticket for travel by aircraft.

Destination : It is the place where something or someone is going or being sent.

Accommodation : A room, group of rooms or building in which someone may live or stay.

Meals : Any of the regular occasions in a day when a reasonably large amount of food is eaten.

Air Ticket : An airline ticket is a document, created by an airline or a travel agency to confirm that an individual has purchased a seat on a flight on an aircraft.

Deal : An agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context.

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