Feb 252013

2min English Use of Very and too: In this lesson you will learn to distinguish between the proper use of Very and Too. Listen to the conversations carefully and understand how these two words have different applications.

2min English Use of May or May Not: This is a part of our video series illustrating the correct usage of common English phrases. In this video we learn about the use of ‘May’ and ‘May not’. Listen to the conversations and understand where to use these phrases and then practice at the end to build up your fluency.

2min English Use of can and can’t: Can and can’t are used to express ability, i.e. your capacity to do something, and also to seek permission when you want to do something. In this lesson we have a look at several conversations where Can and Can’t are used in different ways.


2min English Use of article The: In this lesson we talk about the English article ‘The’ and how you can use it. We also illustrate the common mistakes that people make while using ‘The’, and give you tips on the correct usage. Watch this lesson carefully and improve your spoken English.

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