Oct 152012

In this episode a man has walked into an art gallery in London, taken out a pen and written his name on a much-loved painting.
He claims what he did was in itself an artistic act; other say it was just pure vandalism.
In this week’s 6 Minute English, Neil and Jen discuss strange events at the Tate Modern.

The highest price ever paid for a painting was for Paul Cezanne’s ‘The Card Players’. How much did it cost? Was it:
a) $120m
b) $250m
c) $500m



defaced: wrote over and ruined
sombre: dark and serious
movement: group of artists who produce work based on a common philosophy
inspiration: being excited by something enough to try yourself
surrealist: art based on the unconscious mind
urinal: a type of toilet for men
vandalism: deliberately destroying objects


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