Jan 182016

In this special business edition of 6 Minute English, Feifei and Neil talk about a very common situation: customer complaints. What should you say if you want to complain about something? And what should you say if you receive a complaint?
Join Feifei and Neil as Business Betty coaches them through a complaining role-play – and improve your customer service skills




Complaining: Key phrases

Saying you have a complaint:
I’m afraid I’ve got a complaint.
Actually, there’s a problem.

Saying what the problem is:
I ordered 200 blue t-shirts, but the ones you sent are black.

Saying how you want the problem to be fixed:
Look, I really need the blue t-shirts as soon as possible.
Can you get the right ones over to us by the end of the week?

I’m so sorry about that.

Investigating the problem:
Let me check your order.

Solving the problem:
I’ll get the correct order sent to you by the end of today.

Being polite:
Thanks for calling.

6 Minute Business English ’13 – Customer complaints: listen&read video


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