Mar 082014

In this week’s 6 Minute English – 100 Women with transcript video:
This weekend, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Feifei and Rob talk about the experiences of women who attended the recent BBC conference ‘100 Women: Half the World Speaks’.

For these women, learning English was crucial to their success.

According to the World Economic Forum, which one of these countries is best for women? Is it:
a) Sweden
b) Iceland
c) Denmark


6 Minute English – 100 Women

Vocabulary and definitions
inspirational: makes you feel motivated to do new and exciting things
share: (here) tell others about your feelings, ideas and experiences
advance their goals: progress in achieving their aims and objectives
gender: the state of being male or female
equal opportunities: the right to be treated fairly; having the same opportunities as other people of different gender, race, sexual orientation etc.
freedom of expression: the right to say or write one’s own thoughts and ideas
monitors: regularly watches and checks on what is happening or what people are saying and doing
blocking: preventing access to something
gutsy: brave and decisive
sighted: able to see
body language: the use of facial expressions and gestures to communicate thoughts and feelings; non-verbal communication

6 Minute English – 100 Women Transcript Video


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