Jan 112016

Rob And Neil discuss a rise in the number of people suffering from stress in the workplace.
This week’s question: According to a survey carried out this year, what is considered to be the most stressful job?
Is it: a) A commercial airline pilot b) A school teacher or c) A surgeon?




Vocabulary and definitions

stress – a feeling of tension and worry
absence – being unavailable
tough – difficult, hard
employees – people who are paid to work for somebody
taking its toll – causing suffering, harm or damage
public sector – part of the economy that is controlled or supported financially by the government
organisational change – replacing the structure of a workplace with a different one
job security – the probability of someone keeping their job for a long time
redundancies – jobs which will stop existing
a strategy – a plan to achieve something
counselling – professional advice about a problem, often relating to mental health

6 Minute English ’11 – Stress in the workplace: listen&read video


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