Oct 182015

Do films like Les Miserables make you cry? Rob and Feifei discuss why we love to watch films that bring out an emotional response, and cause us to blub and sob.
We hear how watching a film gives us a chance to let our emotions out and learn several expressions to describe crying and feeling upset.



Vocabulary and definitions

anger: strong feeling you want to hurt or shout at someone because they treated you badly or unfairly
lose my temper: suddenly become angry
makes my blood boil: causes me to be very angry
fuming: showing anger
fast-paced: moving very quickly
stress: feeling nervous or worried so you cannot relax
frustrations: situations that make you feel annoyed because something is stopping you from doing what you want
red mist: feeling of extreme anger that stops you thinking clearly
curse: say or think offensive or bad things about someone
anger management: therapy or training to help you control your anger
aggression: physical or verbal behaviour towards someone

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