Oct 302015

What do babies learn before they are born? New tests have taken place to understand how unborn babies – called foetuses – learn language. It has been discovered that when babies are born they can already recognise familiar sounds and language patterns.
Rob and Finn discuss this research in 6 Minute English. They also talk about how babies develop an accent at a very young age.




Vocabulary and definitions

foetuses – developing, unborn babies
womb – place inside a woman’s body where a baby grows before it is born
communicate – speak or talk to other people
bi-lingual – speaking two languages
fluent – speak very well
repetition – doing something again and again
accent – way of saying words that shows what country, region, or social class someone comes from
intonation – the way our voice goes up and down as we speak

6 Minute English ’13 – Learning in the womb Transcript Video


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