Oct 252015

How much can you learn when you’re tired?
New research has proved that not getting enough sleep – or sleep deprivation – can have a negative effect on a student’s performance at school.
In this week’s 6 Minute English, Rob and Finn discuss why this is a particular problem in wealthier countries and explore some sleep related language.




Vocabulary and definitions

sleep deprivation – not getting enough sleep
getting their heads down – going to sleep
lethargic – lacking in energy
forty winks – a brief and light sleep
to run on empty – to continue working when you have no energy or enthusiasm
hit the sack – go to bed
mood swings – regular changes in how you feel or behave
a siesta – a short sleep after lunch (particularly in hot countries)
to turn in – to go to bed
tetchy – grumpy, unhappy

6 Minute English ’13 – Sleeping for learning Transcript Video


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