Dec 192014

Rob and Finn talk about a school in London which has 600 children who speak a total of 42 different languages. Is it difficult for them to learn English? And how does this affect their educational performance? Are they good at other subjects like maths?
Find out about life at this school and learn some vocabulary to do with education.



Vocabulary and definitions

rusty – (of a language) not as fluent as before
playground – area in a school where children play between lessons
marks – score in a test or exam
integration – bringing together
nursery – place where very young children are looked after while their parents are at work
head teacher – person in charge of a school
educational standards – the knowledge and skills students should have at a particular level
assessed – tested and given scores
caught up with – became equal with others in the same level
bilingual – being able to speak two languages fluently

6 Minute English – 42 languages Transcript Video


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