May 232013

In this week’s 6 Minute English: Are there things about your work colleagues that really annoy you? Rob and Jennifer reveal some of the worst office habits.

A survey of 2,000 managers discovered what irritated their workers about each other. Some habits were trivial or small, others showed bad manners, while some were just disgusting.

In the programme we talk about who should take responsibility for creating a better working environment, and discuss some of the language associated with bad habits.

This week’s question:

What is the annoying habit of onychophagia is commonly known as?

a) Picking your nose

b) Biting your nails

c) Talking very loudly

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.


to get under your skin: to annoy, irritate or bother you
pet hates: small things that you particularly find annoying
distracting: causing you to stop concentrating on what you are trying to do
to kick the habit: to stop doing something that is bad for you
jargon: words and phrases that only make sense to people doing the same kind of work
bugbear: something that annoys or irritates you
punctual: on time
a water-cooler moment: a time when work colleagues get together by the water-cooler and discuss trivial matters such as something they saw on television
tolerant: showing willingness to accept someone else’s behaviour or habits
to air your grievances: to complain, protest

6 Minute English – Annoying office habits Transcript Video


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