May 282015

Big bushy beards have become so fashionable that there’s now an art exhibition dedicated to them.
Listen to Rob and Neil discussing feminism, testosterone and Charles Dickens whilst explaining some pretty hair-raising vocabulary.



Vocabulary and definitions

all the rage – very fashionable
get on a bandwagon – join other people in doing something that has become popular – perhaps because you hope to become popular yourself
talking point – subject that a lot of people are discussing
competitive advantage – when a condition or circumstance puts you in a favourable position
clean shaven – having no facial hair
peaked – reached its highest point – and will decline from this point
sport – wear
flamboyant – eye catching and different
feminism – women’s struggle to achieve the same rights as men
women’s lib – women’s liberation movement (similar to feminism)
testosterone – the main male hormone
melanoma – a serious type of skin cancer
on board from the get go – involvement with something right from the start

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