Jul 242015

Should skinny – or very thin – models be stopped from working on the catwalk? Listen to Rob and Finn discussing how thin is too thin for catwalk models whilst explaining some related vocabulary.



Vocabulary and definitions

skinny – very thin
catwalk – raised platform at a fashion show that models walk along
media – the different ways information is communicated to us, for example through tv, radio, magazines and newspapers
cut-off point – limit or an ending
banned – not allowed by law
bmi – (abbreviation) body mass index
ratio – relationship between two things, showing how big one thing is compared to the other
discrimination – treating some people less fairly than others
clinically – in a medical context
anorexia – an illness where a person refuses to eat in order to lose weight
put pressure on – strongly persuade
supply and demand – the relationship between what people want and what is available
the buck stops/lies with – your own responsibility

6 Minute English – Are models too skinny? Transcript Video


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  1. …Preventing the use of underweight models…What do you mean by “use”? Besides they must possess a lot of different skills to become sucsessful – walking, musical ear, mimics etc…This preoccupation with the health of young girls ( or you spoke of both genders) seems a little … insencere to me. If you wanted to convey a certain idea as to diminishing the moral condition of society you could have chosen similar topic…Hopefully future podcasts will include the harmfull effects of bodybuilding on men and gormones in athletics.

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