Jan 072016

What does it take to be a good interviewer? Neil and Alice discuss TV chat show hosts, Greek philosophers and whether asking dumb questions is a good idea or not – as well as teaching some related vocabulary.



Vocabulary and definitions

catch somebody off guard – to surprise someone in a way that often makes them confused or embarrassed
chat show – a TV or radio programme where celebrities talk to their host about various topics
host – a person who presents a TV or radio show and talks to guest celebrities
open questions – questions that can’t be answered with a short answer for example a couple or words or yes or no; they often begin with ‘wh’ (why, what, who etc)
juicy details – information you find interesting because it’s exciting or shocking
closed question – a question where the choice of answers is limited for example to yes or no, or a specific piece of information
hot under the collar – angry or embarrassed
elicit – get or produce something, for example, a reaction
defensive – protecting yourself from criticism or attack
draw back – move away
make the camera disappear – make something real or authentic
dumb – stupid
probing – investigative

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