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The BBC 6 Minute English is one of the best podcasts for English learners. LinkEngPark.com is updated weekly with new 6-minute episodes. Listen and read the recent conversations, giving examples and explanations of interesting topics.

6 Minute English – The commute: listen&read video


6 Minute English ’14 – Glass half full: listen&read video


6 minute English with transcript videos

6 Minute English ’14 – When does adulthood start?
6 Minute English ’11 – Witches
6 Minute English – How would you like to pay?
6 Minute English ’14 – Glass half full
6 Minute English – How do you like your tea?
6 Minute Business English ’13 – Arranging meetings
6 Minute English – The commute
6 Minute Business English ’14 – Misunderstandings
6 Minute English – Are we afraid of food?
6 Minute Business English ’13 – Customer complaints
6 Minute English – Is modern life making us tired?
6 Minute English ’11 – Stress in the workplace
6 Minute English – Asking the right questions
6 Minute English – The way we look
6 Minute English ’10 – New Year’s resolutions
6 Minute English – Christmas kindness
6 Minute English – Why do we take risks?
6 Minute English – Is student life all good?
6 Minute English – Robin Hood
How much is your spouse worth?
The secret of happiness (’13)
100 Women
Annoying office habits (’13)
What makes us laugh?
Homesickness (’13)
The impact of plastic
Learning in the womb (’13)
Shakespeare in plain English
Sleeping for learning (’13)
New transport on two wheels
Angry people (’13)
Will robots take our jobs?
Why we love a film that makes us cry? (’13)
Do we read to show off?
Summer-born kids
The Earth’s core
The meaning of clothes
The Proms
Is knuckle cracking good for you?
Evolution before Darwin
How awkward is a ride in a lift?
Compulsory voting
What’s the point of having a chin?
Why do gibbons sing duets?
Are models too skinny?
Is a game just a game?
The wonder of blood
Why did Singapore ban gum?
Food banks
The teenage brain
The Outernet
Is aggression useful?
Are beards back to stay?
Is a door just a door?
The first space walk
Wireless furniture for phones
Saving China’s elephants
How does music make you feel?
The story behind coffee
The sun
The three-parent baby
A threat to London’s artwork?
Human microchips
The two sides of Churchill
Poverty in a rich world
The cost of life-saving vaccines
Do you fear Artificial Intelligence?
Should tourists go to Antarctica?
Does your CV shine?
Are you big on small talk?
Are computers making us dumb?
Smokers to face one more ban
Bullying or normal competition?
Time capsules

6 minute English with transcript videos 2014:

The Christmas Truce
42 languages
Laughter is bad for you
Cloud of suspicion
Sharing economy
Can science fiction save the world?
Could vegetarians save the world?
What makes a superhero?
Cigarettes v e-cigarettes
The bitter taste of sugar
How quickly can you learn English?
Food waste
Sleeping on the job
The fame game
London skyline
Underwater living
Literacy heroes
The Ebola outbreak
Dealing with boredom
Men’s body
Purple tomatoes
Chill and lose weight!
Eid Mubarak!
Star signs
Brazilian economy
Are faster cyclists more attractive?
Brazilian food
Deleting memories
Brazilian football
Ticket touts
Brazilian music
Coffee addiction
Grown up and living at home
Dark tourism
Modern offices
Young, British and sober
Air pollution in China
Is there more of the world to explore?
Scottish independence
What is freedom?
The male brain, the female brain
Are you a winner?
100 Women
Cinema etiquette
Odd job interviews
Drinking around the world
Technology at the Winter Olympics
Learn a thousand foreign words
When does adulthood start?
Glass half full
Business English: Misunderstandings
Downsizing for Italy’s Casanovas
Showrooming and shopping

6 minute English with transcript videos 2013:

What are managers for?
Festive feelings
Business English: Socialising
On the right track
Business English: Punctuality
Business English: Using technology at work
Business English: Describing sales
Business English: Asking personal questions
What class are you?
Business English: Pay rise
Road safety for cyclists
Business English: Rules
Business English: New colleagues
70 years of learning
Business English: Asking permission & polite requests
Business English: Arranging meetings
Going where the work is
The secret of happiness
Business English: Customer complaints
Angry people
Royal baby talk
Restart parties
Tweet of the day
Suspended coffee
Computer glasses
The death of the landline
Crying men
Learning in the womb
Feeling good about your country
Annoying office habits
Sleeping for learning
How noisy is ‘too noisy’?
Cleaning up space
Living in a tiny space
Rise of streaming
Talking monkeys
Do sport and politics mix?
Is silence golden?
Global traffic jam
Animal species ‘extinction crisis’
Why we love a film that makes us cry
Russia’s new smoking ban
The ‘plastic’ princess?
Reaching for the sky
Penny pinching!
Good news
Etiquette for boys
One-way ticket to Mars
Messenger bird from the past
Random acts of kindness

6 minute English 2012:

Ancient viruses
End of the world?
War on the roads
Multi-million dollar sound
Invisible island
Ear worms
Speak any language instantly
Relaxing drug laws: a good idea?
Art or vandalism?
Genetically modified cows
Family belongings
Nepal’s poverty battle
Lost love on the Tiber
Cocaine chicken
Global waste: food for thought
Driving on Mars
Snail racing
Ancient Italian shipwreck
Nigerian oil theft
The cod delusion
Missiles over London
UK’s first healthy pizza
Dress code debate
Croatia’s floodplains
Disabled doll
Africa’s economic progress
Youth unemployment crisis
Texting and walking ‘illegal’
The worst place to be a mother
A Peruvian ‘hero’
Pulitzer Prize losers
Dream apps
Australia’s war on drugs
London’s Theatreland
Funeral fit for a king
Hong Kong airport expansion
The extinction of men
Antarctic Aliens
Farewell Bush House
US orbit anniversary
Bangladesh cyber attack
Sausage wars
Scott of the Antarctic
Captain’s etiquette
US National Film Registry
Work emails
Hopes for 2012

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