Oct 242014

How much sugar do you have a day? Rob and Neil talk about the recent recommendation by the World Health Organisation for people to reduce the amount of sugar they eat even more than previously advised. They say that it should account for 5% of the total energy we take from food – down from 10%.
What do experts suggest to help people eat less sugar? Follow the discussion and learn some food-related vocabulary.

Many people do like sugar. So let me ask you about how much they like it. Which country has the highest sugar consumption? Is it:
a) China
b) India
c) The United States


Vocabulary and definitions

calorie intake – the amount of calories we eat in a period of time – a day, for example
calorie – unit that measures how much energy you get from food
tooth decay – when the hard surface of your teeth breaks down and exposes more sensitive parts
toothache – pain in your teeth
confectionary – chocolate and sweet snacks
soft drinks – cold sweet drinks which are not alcoholic
health service – doctors’ surgeries and hospitals financed with public money – money paid to a government in the form of taxes
have a sweet tooth – to have a strong preference for food that tastes sweet

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