Dec 112012

In this episode: It flows around our body but does it also dictate our personality?
Callum and Jennifer discuss the topic of blood groups and how in some countries they are believed to be important to your character.

In which year was the classification of blood groups with the letters A, AB, B & O made?
a) 1899
b) 1909
c) 1919
d) 1929


to be squeamish: to feel uncomfortable or ill at the sight of blood or injuries
to not have the foggiest idea about something: to not know anything about something
a key question: a very important question
matchmaking: the process of finding or arranging romantic meetings and relationship
a chat-up line: something that is said as a way of starting a conversation with someone you have a romantic interest in
temperament: your natural character
popularly believed: if something is ‘popularly believed’ many people believe it even though there is no scientific evidence to support the belief
a diplomatic answer: a polite answer that may hide the strength of someone’s true feelings on a subject
a sceptic: someone who doubts that a particular idea or belief is true

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