Jul 102014

Brazil is one of what we call the ‘BRIC’ countries, along with Russia, India and China. Many people believe these economies will play a big role in beating the global financial crisis. These countries are attracting a lot of foreign investors. But is Brazil a good place to invest your money? Rob and Grace talk about making money and teach some business-related vocabulary.

What’s the name of the Brazilian currency? Is it:

a) the Brazilian peso
b) the real
c) the guarani


6 Minute English - Brazilian economy

Vocabulary and definitions
notes: pieces of paper money
at a crossroads: (here) at a point in time when it could do well, but a lot needs to change first
anti-inflation: against inflation; inflation is the continuous increase in prices of goods and services
to build on: to use success to do things and become even more successful
interest rates: percentage a bank or company pays you when you give them your money, or the amount it charges you when you borrow from them
profit: money you earn after you pay costs
risky: dangerous; having the possibility of something bad happening

6 Minute English – Brazilian economy Transcript Video


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