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Brazil is known for its lively music and the friendliness of its people. Rob, who loves exploring, also enjoys his food and is keen to know what sort of dishes he’ll discover if he visits the country.
Our Brazilian colleagues Grace and Thomas describe one of Brazil’s most popular dishes, ‘feijoada’, and give us the recipe for one of its most traditional cocktails, the ‘caipirinha’.
Discover a taste of Brazil and learn some food-related vocabulary.

According to the International Coffee Organization, which of these countries is in second place for coffee production? Is it:
a) Colombia
b) Indonesia
c) Vietnam


6 Minute English - Brazilian food

Vocabulary and definitions
gourmet: someone who likes high-quality food
staple food: food ordinary people eat regularly
stew: a kind of food in which meat or fish and vegetables are cooked slowly with a little liquid
side dish: dish with a small portion that accompanies the main dish
dessert: pudding, sweet or fruit eaten at the end of a meal
appetising: If food is appetising, it smells really good and makes you want to eat it.
pounding: beating hard
spirit: strong alcoholic drink (for example, whisky, gin, vodka)

6 Minute English – Brazilian food Transcript Video


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