Nov 142013

In this special business edition of 6 Minute English: the world of business depends on sales – and if you’re talking about business sales, there are some key words and phrases that you really need to know!
Join Neil and Feifei as they explore the language of sales figures in this special business edition.

Describing sales: Key phrases

Giving a general overview
The situation is good.
Explaining the situation
We can see from the sales figures that…
As the graph shows…
Saying that sales have gone up
Sales increased in January.
There was a large rise in sales in February.
Sales rose last year.
Sales peaked in December.
Saying that sales have gone up and down a lot
Sales fluctuated for two months.
Saying that sales remain steady and don’t change
Sales levelled in September.
Saying that sales have gone down
Sales have declined.
Sales have dropped.



6 Minute English – Business English: Describing sales Transcript Video


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