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In this week’s 6 Minute English – Business English: New colleagues:
In this special business edition of 6 Minute English, Feifei and Neil talk about a very common office situation – dealing with visitors and new colleagues. What should you say when you’re showing people round the office?
Join Feifei and Neil as they role-play a business conversation – and learn a very useful word to help keep the conversation light!

This week’s question:
‘Job-hopping’ (moving from job to job) is quite common these days. But how many different jobs does the average person have in their lifetime?

a) Fewer than 5
b) Between 5 and 10
c) Between 10 and 15

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


New colleagues & visitors: Key phrases

How to get into the building:
You just have to swipe in here and just go through.
Saying where things are:
We sit just over here.
The lockers are on the left.
The loos are over there.
Your desk is this one.
This is your computer.
The printer’s in the far corner.
Offering to show how things work:
Let me show you how the coffee machine works.
Saying how to get help:
I’m just over here if you need anything.
Just give me a shout, OK?
Phrases with ‘just’:
You just have to swipe in here.
Just go through.
We’ll just go up to the third floor.
The printer’s just in the far corner.

6 Minute English – Business English: New colleagues Transcript Video


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