Oct 242013

In this special business edition of 6 Minute English – Business English: Pay rise:
Feifei and Neil talk about a very common work situation – asking for a pay rise. What should you say to your boss when you think you deserve a better salary?

This week’s question:
How much does the average person earn per month (in US dollars)?

a) $1,480
b) $4,180
c) $8,140


Asking for a pay rise: Key phrases
Making sure it’s a good time to ask:
Hi, are you free for a quick chat?
Phrases with words like ‘think’, ‘feel’, believe’ & ‘really’:
I think I should have a pay rise.
I really believe that I’ve grown in the job.
Giving reasons why you should get a pay rise:
I’ve taken on a lot more responsibility lately.
My last project was very successful.
Being clear about what you want:
Well, I think that 5% isn’t too much to ask.
Being polite:
Thank you.

6 Minute English – Business English: Pay rise Transcript Video


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  1. Feifei said:that is a lot less than I “thought”

  2. Wonderful!!! It is very useful.

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