Nov 282013

Neil and Feifei are discussing punctuality. Research shows that there are three main reasons that people are late for appointments. What are they – and is it important to be punctual in the English-speaking world?
Join Neil and Feifei as they discuss this week’s topic and practise explaining and apologising for lateness.

Punctuality: Key phrases

I’m sorry but I think I’m going to be late.
Sorry again.
Sorry I’m late everyone.
Explain why you’re late:
I’m on my way to the meeting but I’m afraid the traffic’s terrible.
I’ve been here for 30 minutes and the traffic’s at a standstill.
Saying when you think you’ll arrive:
I think I’ll be about 15 minutes late.


6 Minute English Business English Punctuality

6 Minute English – Business English: Punctuality Transcript Video


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