Nov 212013

Using technology is part of everyday working life for many people around the world. But even the best technology breaks down from time to time – and that often means making a phone call to get help.
In this special business edition of 6 Minute English: Feifei and Neil practise dealing with technology-related problems. What should you say when you’re on the phone to IT support?

Using technology at work: Key phrases

Describing IT problems:
I can’t connect to the internet.
I can’t print anything.
I saved some files to my hard drive and they’ve disappeared.
Asking about IT problems:
Has this happened before?
What operating system are you running?
What version of the software are you using?
Giving advice about fixing IT problems:
You need to install an update.
Try re-installing the programme.
Your system needs a rebuild.
I’m afraid this can’t be fixed.


6 Minute English Business English Using technology at work

6 Minute English – Business English: Using technology at work Transcript Video


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