Nov 202014

What will the future be like? Good or bad? Positive or negative? A lot of science-fiction writing imagines a world which is dark and scary. But does it have to be like this? Rob and Finn discuss a project where science-fiction writers try to inspire people with optimistic stories, and teach you some language about the future.



Vocabulary and definitions

science fiction – a kind of story about an imagined future, often involving technology and space travel
in the not-too-distant future – soon; in a time not far from now
dystopian – describes a future situation which is very unpleasant
utopian – describes a future situation which is ideal
downside – disadvantage; bad point
optimistic – positive about the future
plausible – with a good possibility of happening
environmentalists – people who fight to protect the environment
rally around – come together in support of a cause
invisible – unable to be seen
a bright future – a good, positive future
time will tell – things will become clear as time passes

6 Minute English – Can science fiction save the world? Transcript Video


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