Dec 302014

Rob and Finn talk about an extraordinary event on Christmas Day which happened one hundred years ago. English and German soldiers fighting each other during World War One left their positions to sing together and play football. Listen to the conversation and learn some new vocabulary.



Vocabulary and definitions

goodwill – cooperative attitude
centenary – one hundred year anniversary
truce – agreement between people to stop fighting, with no winner or loser
unofficial – not authorised by people in authority
trenches – big holes dug by soldiers form which they attacked the enemy
fraternise – to meet people socially
fed up with – (informal) bored and annoyed by
carol – religious song (generally used for Christmas songs)
broke the ice – contacted people they don’t know in a way which made them feel more relaxed
no-man’s-land – strip of land between enemy sides over which nobody has control

6 Minute English – The Christmas Truce Transcript Video


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