Oct 302014

The World Health Organisation has recommended that electronic cigarettes should not be allowed in closed public spaces as they might harm the health of non-smokers.
Rob and Finn discuss the risks posed by this new device which many smokers are using in order to cut down on smoking? Listen to the programme.

According to the World Health Organisation, there are more than 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke. How many of these are known to be harmful to our health? Is it at least:
a) 50
b) 150
c) 250



Vocabulary and definitions

cough – sudden expulsion of air from the lungs, usually due to an irritation
secondary smoker – non-smoker who breathes in other people’s cigarette smoke
ban – prohibition, no longer being allowed
nicotine – chemical in tobacco believed to cause addiction
long-term – for a long time in the future
quit smoking – give up smoking
damaging – harmful
overreaction – response to something which is more forceful than required

6 Minute English – Cigarettes v e-cigarettes Transcript Video


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