Dec 042014

Rob and Finn talk about the security of pictures, documents and videos people store online. Several celebrities have recently found that nude pictures they kept for themselves on icloud have become available in sites around the internet, and the FBI is now investigating the case. Do you store personal items online? Are you sure that these can only be seen by the people you want to see them?



Vocabulary and definitions

cloud – huge computers where companies like Apple, Facebook and Google store their users’ pictures, videos and documents
leaked – passed on to the public in spite of being secret
privacy – free from public attention
password – a word or sequence of numbers that only the owner knows and which is required for them to gain access to what is stored in their name
hackers – people who understand a lot about computers and use flaws in software to gain access to a computer file or network illegally
savvy – well-informed and shrewd
authentication – confirmation that something or someone is what or who they say they are

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