Jan 282016

Hundreds of millions of us make the same journey day in day out – the commute. Alice and Neil discuss the benefits of cycling to work and why sitting on the train may raise your blood pressure.



Vocabulary and definitions

foldaway bike – a bike that folds up so it’s easy to carry or put away
lycra – a stretchy fabric used in tight-fitting sports clothes
intrigued – very interested in something
commuting – travelling between your home and your work
the Tube – the subway (or underground) system in London
alert – being quick to notice things going on around you
belongings – things that you own
snatch – take quickly
nap – short sleep, especially during the day
traffic jam – a large number of vehicles ​close together ​moving ​slowly
packed in like sardines – people standing so close together that they can’t move
commuted – (here) reduced

6 Minute English – The commute: listen&read video


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