Aug 142015

For those who are able to vote, should we be made to do it? Listen to Rob and Finn discussing why we should all exercise our right to vote and especially by young people – whilst teaching some related vocabulary.



Vocabulary and definitions

right – (here) somebody’s legal claim to vote
general election – a vote for a government that runs the whole country
compulsory – something that you have to do
duty – something you have a responsibility to do
engender – give rise to
slapdash – doing something quickly and carelessly
national service – compulsory government service that usually means military service
conscription – (same as national service)
over and done with – finishing something difficult or unpleasant as quickly as possible
pick (a political party) out of a hat – to choose randomly rather than making an informed choice
spoil – waste

6 Minute English – Compulsory voting Transcript Video


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