Jun 272013

In this week’s 6 Minute English: ‘Wearable tech’, or technology you can wear, is one of the newest areas in the world of computing.

Google has released a controversial product which works like a smartphone, but is worn on your face like a pair of glasses.

Finn and Neil discuss Google Glass and other wearable tech in the programme.

This week’s question:

In which action movie (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) did a character have special eyes that were like computers which gave information about the world around him?

a) Robocop

b) The Terminator

c) Total Recall

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.


smartphone: a phone that can be used as a small computer to do things like take photos and connect to the internet
to combine: to join two or more things together to become one new thing
wearable tech: technology you can wear
specs: (slang) glasses; short for ‘spectacles’
creepy: strange and scary
private: personal; only for one person or group
casino: a place where people go to gamble
cyborg: a being with both human and robot parts (‘cybernetic organism’)

6 Minute English – Computer glasses Transcript Video


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