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Bored? You’re not alone. Everyone from factory workers to pilots experience a feeling of boredom: feeling unhappy and uninterested in what they are doing. Some people get bored because they have nothing to do. But is it always a negative emotion or can it push you to do something different?
Rob and Finn discuss how to deal with boredom and teach some related vocabulary. We promise you won’t be bored!

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the longest continuous dramatic performance was held in New Jersey, in the US, in 2010. But do you know how long the cast for The Bald Soprano was on stage for? Was it for about:
a) 8 hours
b) 17 hours
c) 23 hours


Vocabulary and definitions
to yawn: to open your mouth wide and take air in and out slowly; usually a sign of boredom or tiredness
stimulating: making someone excited and interested in something
restless: unable to sit still because you are bored or worried
to cope with: to deal with a situation successfully
stuck in a rut: become too fixed in one kind of job or situation in life
to stave off: to stop or keep away an unpleasant feeling
to spur on: to encourage someone to do something

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