Jun 192014

We all have bad memories that we would prefer to forget. But can science actually help us delete specific unwanted memories? New research suggests it could be possible.
Rob and Finn discuss the research and explain some words relating to the brain.

How many neurons do scientists think we have? Is it:
a) 8-10 million
b) 8-10 billion
c) 80-100 billion


6 Minute English - Deleting memories

Vocabulary and definitions
delete: remove, take away
neurons: cells in the brain that transmit information
pulses: short period of energy or electricity
controversial: causing disagreement
a last resort: a method used when all other methods fail
depression: a mental illness where someone is very unhappy and anxious
reactivate: bring back into action
PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder): a mental illness where somebody feels very anxious after a frightening or shocking experience, such as war
traumatic: causing severe emotional anxiety

6 Minute English – Deleting memories Transcript Video


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