Apr 092013

In this week’s 6 Minute English: In this week’s programme, we discuss if sports and politics should mix.

The British football club, Sunderland FC, has a new manager, Paolo di Canio. His appointment is controversial because he was once reported to have said he was a fascist, though he now says he is not. But should someone’s personal interests get in the way of sporting interests?

Rob and Jennifer discuss the issue and explain some of the language behind it.

This week’s question:

Which is the world’s oldest football club? Is it:

a) Sheffield FC

b) Manchester United

c) Blackburn Rovers

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.



to kick off: to begin
a political football: a political issue that is continually debated but has not yet been resolved
game-changer: something new that is introduced and completely changes the way something is done
playing politics: making something into a political issue
to stamp out: to stop / to get rid of
to keep an eye on the ball: to give your attention to what you should be doing
to get the boot: to be forced to leave your job
a political statement: an action made to influence a decision or to express a strong feeling about something
play by the rules: to do what is accepted to be the right way of behaving


6 Minute English – Do sport and politics mix? Transcript Video


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