Oct 092015

What do you read when you are on the bus or train? Some people might hold a copy of a classic novel to impress other commuters. Neil and Alice discuss people’s reading habits.



Vocabulary and definitions

intellectual – a person who has studied a lot and knows a lot about their area of study
show off – someone who does something well and always wants others to know that
the classics – very well-known old novels
romantic fiction – love stories
light read – entertaining and easy reading material, such as romantic fiction
heavy read – very difficult reading material, such as academic textbooks
retailers – people or shops that sell things
highbrow – culture (book, art, theatre) that intellectuals enjoy
shift – change
hooked – addicted
advent – (here) beginning
e-reader – electronic device that contains lots of written text

6 Minute English – Do we read to show off? Transcript Video


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