Jul 252014

Millions of Muslims are celebrating Ramadan, during which they pray and don’t eat until night time. It ends with a festival called ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’, in which they thank Allah for helping them to practise self-control.

Rob and Neil talk about Eid with their Palestinian colleague Muna and teach some vocabulary related to the festival.

How many people follow Islam? Is it about:
a) 1.2 billion
b) 1.5 billion
c) 1.8 billion



Vocabulary and definitions
fast: period of time without eating
break (a fast): interruption of the fast by eating food
reward: get something good in return for a good action
worship: follow and show strong respect for a god
discipline: ability to control yourself
in need: poor
to donate: give money or gifts in return for nothing
mosque: Islamic temple
pray: speak to a god in private or in a religious ceremony
pilgrimage: trip to a special place to show respect

6 Minute English – Eid Mubarak! Transcript Video


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