Feb 142013

In this week’s 6 Minute English: learning how to behave in polite society: a new course for boys at an English school is proving popular.

Callum and Jennifer learn more about it in this week’s programme.

This week’s question:

According to the rules of etiquette, at a formal meal where there are three sets of cutlery which should you use first? The knife and fork furthest from your plate, the set closest to your plate or the set in the middle?

Listen out for the answer at the end of the programme.



a finishing school: a place where young women are taught how to behave in high society
etiquette: the accepted rules for behaviour in particular situations
to come about: to happen, to begin
a ball: a formal party often held to celebrate a special event
to want a piece of something: to want to be involved with or take part in something
to go down well: to be successful and popular
to hold your head up high: to be confident and proud


6 Minute English – Etiquette for boys Transcript Video


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