Aug 282015

We often think about Charles Darwin as the man who developed ideas about evolution but another man discovered the ideas 27 years before him. Rob and Neil tell us about Patrick Matthew and the reasons why he is not as famous.



Vocabulary and definitions

evolution – the way living things change and develop over millions of years
genius – someone with great and unusual skills or abilities in a particular subject or area
clever clogs – someone who thinks they know everything
natural selection – how plants and animals adapt to their environment
adapt – (here) the way our bodies or our behaviour change to suit new conditions
species – types of living thing
transformative – change-making
passed over – ignored
allies – people who help or support other people in doing something
on board – to have someone’s support for an idea or project
prominent – important and well-known
eminent – important and respected
horticulturalist – a person whose job is to study and grow plants (flowers, fruit, vegetables)
appendix – section of a book giving extra information

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  1. Thank you Rob and Neil. Thanks the producer team for useful material for my learning English.

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