Sep 262014

Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton… Many of us read about them, or even want to look like them. But what exactly makes a celebrity?
Neil and Finn talk about what Canadian singer Justin Bieber has in common with the English poet Lord Byron, born in 1788. And learn some expressions about fame and celebrity.

This item of clothing became very famous in the 1980s when Michael Jackson presented his moonwalk to the world…
How much was Michael Jackson’s leather glove with shiny crystals sold for at auction in 2009?
a) US$ 150,000
b) US$ 250,000
c) US$ 350,000


Vocabulary and definitions

celebrity – someone famous, particularly someone in entertainment or sport

show business – the entertainment industry (eg theatre, film, music)

talent – natural ability to do something (eg singing, acting)

autograph – a famous person’s signature

memorabilia – objects collected by fans because they’re connected with the person they admire

commodity – product which is bought and sold

image – reputation; what other people think about you

scandal – action which causes a feeling of shock and disapproval

vandalism – damage to property

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