Jun 262015

The UK economy is now growing after the 2008 recession. But millions of people are still struggling to survive. Rob and Finn discuss how food banks work and how they help people in need.



Vocabulary and definitions

make people redundant – a company pays people to leave because it has economic problems
zero hours contract – a legal agreement in which a person only works when the employer needs them and so has no regular or guaranteed amount of work or working hours
open door – unlimited access
referrals – a process where someone is sent to see someone else for help or advice
handouts – items, such as food or money, that is given away free to someone who needs it
limited stocks – a shortage of goods
scroungers – people who want something for nothing
dignity – respect people have for you or that you have for yourself
ready meals – food which only needs heating
goes into the mix – part of the overall package

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