Mar 282014

In this week’s 6 Minute English – What is freedom? with transcript video:
Whether it’s freedom from surveillance or freedom to be single, the BBC is investigating what freedom means in the modern world.
Rob and Finn discuss the BBC #Freedom2014 season and find out that freedom means different things to different people.
They also explain some vocabulary related to freedom.

According to the World Freedom Index 2013 by the Canadian Fraser Institute, the people of which country came out as number one, in terms of having the most freedom? Was it:

a) USA
b) Sweden
c) New Zealand


6 Minute English - What is freedom

Vocabulary and definitions
right: something that you are morally or legally allowed to do or have
restricted: limited by rules or laws
democracy: a system of government in which people vote in elections to choose the people who will govern them
free speech: the right to publicly express your opinions
equality: everyone having exactly the same rights and opportunities regardless of colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age etc.
apartheid: the political system that existed in the past in South Africa, in which only white people had political rights and power
forced labour: being made to do hard physical work
surveillance: the careful watching of a person or place, often secretly and usually done by people in authority, such as the police
confidential: secret; only for certain people to see
campaigned: tried to achieve political or social change by persuading people in authority to do something
regime: a method of government that controls the country in a strict and unfair way
civil rights: the basic rights that all people in a society should have whatever their race, sex, religion etc.
cause: idea, aim, belief or way of thinking that a group of people share and try to persuade others to support

6 Minute English – What is freedom? Transcript Video


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