Aug 212015

The everyday lift – or elevator – is a very useful invention with a fascinating history. But it has led to some modern day irritations for people who use them. Rob and Neil discuss awkwardness in lifts and what can be done to overcome it.



Vocabulary and definitions

came into their own – reached a position of dominance
elevators (US) – lifts (UK)
elevate – raise or improve
blocks of flats – large buildings containing apartments
there’s more to lifts than meets the eye – lifts are come complex than at first sight
awkwardness – the state of feeling uneasy
delve into – look at an issue closely
largely – on the whole
slimmer – thinner
enhance – improve
Muzak – non-stop, pre-recorded – usually boring – music

6 Minute English – How awkward is a ride in a lift? Transcript Video


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