Jun 042015

Why do we get angry and is it a useful emotion? Listen to Neil and Catherine talking about aggression and how they react when they get angry and how human behaviour compares with that of baboons. They also explain some related vocabulary.



Vocabulary and definitions

out of the blue – completely unexpected
aggressive – behaving in an angry way, looking like you want to argue or even fight with someone
sulk – refuse to smile or speak in order to let people know you are upset about something
well balanced – sensible and in control of your emotions
grounded – mentally and emotionally stable
flip side – opposite side to an idea
fluffy – behaviour that is soft and unthreatening – the opposite of aggressive
empathetic – able to share or understand another person’s feelings
reading situations – understanding and interpreting what’s going on
signal – (here) making a sound, noise or movement to express your feelings
triggers a response – makes one thing cause other things to happen
gesture – movement you make with your arms or head to give someone information

6 Minute English – Is aggression useful Transcript Video


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