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Laughing is good for you, isn’t it? True, it can reduce anger, anxiety and stress, but according to the BMJ, laughter can occasionally have harmful side-effects for certain people. They reviewed over 700 academic papers and came up with a list of health problems which can be caused by laughing.
Finn and Rob discuss the pros and cons of laughing, and explain some health-related vocabulary.



Vocabulary and definitions

laughter is the best medicine – a phrase which means that laughing is a good way to be happy and stop worrying
no laughing matter – something very serious that you should not make jokes about
fainting – losing consciousness for a short time, usually falling to the ground
gullet – the tube through which food passes from the mouth to the stomach
lungs – the organs in your chest which you use to breathe
dislocated – (of a bone) moved suddenly out of its correct position
jaw – the lower part of your face (your chin and lower teeth)
heart attack – a serious medical problem when the heart stops working properly and causes chest pain
to have the last laugh – to finally be successful, often after an argument or disagreement

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