Feb 112016

Are the days of paying by cash for a latte or a newspaper nearly gone? Now you can pay via mobile phone, contactless cards, and even using your finger. Alice and Neil discuss Neil’s fondness for loose change while teaching some related vocabulary.



Vocabulary and definitions

behind the curve – not keeping up with current thinking or trends
tap-and-go – wireless payment technology using credit and debit cards, or mobile phones
antenna – equipment used for sending and receiving radio or TV signals
ether – the air where electronic communication happens
fraud – getting money by cheating people
spending spree – doing a lot of shopping over a short period of time
wearable tech – things you can wear which combine payment and security technology
authenticate – (in general) prove something is true or genuine

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  1. thank you very much for this programm . it is very helpful for me to learn englisch . you are great !
    but how can we talk each other ? learning is important but speaking is also very important ! do you think so too ?

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