Sep 042014

Many of us love to read books and we know that reading has many benefits. So much so, that UNESCO has declared 8 September to be World Literacy Day.
In this week’s programme we hear about ‘literacy heroes’ who have encouraged more people to enjoy reading.
Rob and Finn also discuss how reading has helped people in prison.

The world’s longest book is in French and is by Marcel Proust. Translated into English, it’s called ‘Remembrance of Things Past’. Do you know approximately how many words it contains? Is it:
a) 267,000
b) 1,267,000
c) 10,267,000


Vocabulary and definitions
literacy: the ability to read and write
bookworm: person who likes to read books and spends a lot of time doing it
inspires: gives someone the encouragement or enthusiasm to do something
authors: people who write books
capture your imagination: interests or fascinates you
fiction: books and stories about imaginary events and people
novelist: someone who writes novels (or long fictional stories)
dyslexia: a medical condition affecting the brain that makes it difficult for someone to read and spell words correctly
librarian: person who works in a library
characters: people in story in a book or film
moral compass: a feeling someone gets that makes them decide what is right or wrong
motivation: (here) reason for doing something

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